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How To Prevent Malaria

[toc]MalariaMalaria is a disease which is caused because of a type of mosquito bite. Malaria is curable, but prevention is better than cure as far as possible, because the disease weakens the body and on top the drugs used to cure it is also very harmful to the human body and can cause a lot of unwanted side effects. It is especially important to prevent mosquito bites during rainy seasons when the outburst of malaria is maximum and cause symptoms like high fever, shiver and weakness. If not treated well within time it can be life threatening also.Malaria is diagnosed through blood testing and sometimes goes undiagnosed even after testing. One should be aware of the disease and symptoms and also not neglect them for better cure. Like most diseases this also has to be treated by visiting a good doctor. Prevention is better than cure is an old saying but plays a vital role in modern times especially when it comes to diseases that are harmful and causes damage to one’s health. Malaria prevention is not difficult at all one just needs to be careful and cautious about small things for oneself and the family. Young children need special attention.Follow the below for prevention for a healthy malaria free life. These will be really helpful is maintaining a safe environment for both your child and your loved ones: –

Prevention For A Healthy Malaria Free Life

Avoid Malaria Affected Areas

MosquitoMalaria causing mosquitoes are most active during monsoons. These mosquitoes breed and reproduce the fastest during monsoons thus the fear of contracting malaria is highest during monsoons. Therefore, travel to such places should be avoided. If travel can not be avoided then the below mentioned precautions can be taken for a safer trip/stay.

Take Preventive Medicines

MedicinesKnow that it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to transmit malaria. Be savvy in avoiding exposure to these potentially dangerous, disease-borne insects. While one is travelling to place where malaria is prevailing, preventative medicine should be taken as per advice of suitable medical practioner. Some tablets need to be taken once a day and some once a week. You will need to start taking the medicine before you leave throughout your trip and continue on your return to be sure that there is no chance of infection.

Avoid Stepping Out During Dark

CreamMosquitoes are most active after sun down and active till sunrise. Mosquitoes prevail in unhygienic environments and dirty places along with open water bodies. Out door activities should be avoided at these times. If not an option then some mosquito repellent creams should be applied before leaving so that the mosquitoes stay away and do not bite.

Avoid Unhygienic Places

Unhygiene PlacesMalaria causing mosquitoes are mostly found in unhygienic places, such as open water bodies, pot holes, open garbage bins, and unclean toilets. Traveling or going to such places should be avoided. If avoidance is not possible then it is advised to travel in Air Conditioned cars.

Wear Right Clothes

Wear Clean ClothingWhen stepping out people should wear clothing which covers the whole body as to minimize the area for mosquitoes to bite. A single bite can cause the person to stay indoors for long. Dark colours attract flies hence dark colour clothing should be avoided and use of light colour clothes should be increased. Clothes should be washed frequently as to get rid of sweat odour and dried properly so that flies are not attracted to the person wearing them.

Indoor Safety

Indoor SafetyThe most important prevention is to avoid mosquito bites so that there is no chance of being infected. These should be taken care for avoiding the disease. Windows should be closed before it becomes dark as mosquitoes enter the indoors during dusk. Flying-insect sprays can be used indoors around sleeping areas to reduce the chance of malaria propagation.

Use Air Conditioners

Air ConditionerAir-conditioning deters mosquitoes and windows that can be shut or at least with screens can help decrease the number of mosquito bites. A person should stay in air conditioned places as flies are found lesser in colder places and more in warmer places. Mosquitoes breed lesser in cold places and thus there is lesser chance for increase in the number of such flies.

Use Of Mosquitoes Repellents

Bed NetsMosquito repellents and bed nets should be used if you stay in area having a lot of malaria cases in your surroundings. Various modern devices like mosquito repellent coils or other modern devices can also be used. Repellants and chemicals of well known brands should only be used as to be sure of the effectiveness of the same and at the same time avoiding any side.

Maintain Cleanliness

CleanlinessA person should keep his house and his neighborhood neat and clean. Build up of standing water should be avoided at all cost because they are the major reason for mosquito prevalence. Further open garbage bins should be avoided. The neighborhood should be kept neat and clean.

Insecticide And Pesticide

PesticidesMalaria causing bugs prevail in unhygienic environments and dirty places along with open water bodies. A person should regularly spray insecticide and pesticide both indoors and outdoors to kill the various malaria causing bugs. This should also be done in public places by the authorities for preventing out break of the disease.

Special Care For Children

ClothingChildren should not be allowed to play in dirty places to save them from mosquito bites. They should apply fly repellants before steeping out to play. Wearing full sleeve shirts and covered dresses to minimize the open areas for bites. Community swimming pools and parks should be avoided in case flies are noticed in the surrounding areas. Children should also not visit friends and families who are infected as it only takes one bite and the malaria bug gets you. Long trousers, long-sleeved clothing and socks thick enough to stop the mosquitoes bites will also protect the children, and should be worn outside after sunset. But it may be hard to follow such advice in a hot climate. Light colours are less attractive to mosquitoes.

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