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How To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

[toc]Every year millions of people are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes all across the world. Type 2 diabetes is a class of diabetes in which the body of the patient is not able to handle blood sugar.

Type 2 Diabetes

Previously, only adults were affected with this type of diabetes, but in recent times, a large number of children are also found to be caught in the web of Type 2 diabetes. This disease is not curable but here you can take a look at some of the best ways of preventing Type 2 diabetes.

5 Ways To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Keep A Check On Your Body Weight

Some of the most instrumental factors responsible for the development of Type 2 diabetes are excess body weight and obesity. Thus, it is for this reason that it is essential to maintain a normal body weight in order to observe a preventive approach towards Type 2 diabetes.

If you go on to reduce the size of your belly and waistline then you are at a decreased risk of acquiring this type of diabetes. So, aim at losing those extra kilos that bother you so much as if you don’t act wise at the right time then it will be too late.

weight manage

Avoid The Consumption Of Foods Rich In Sugar

If you want to stay away from Type 2 diabetes then reduce your intake of foods that are excessively rich in sugar content. So, stay away from such foods. Do not consume artificial sweeteners and aerated drinks. Also, do not consume a lot of starchy food stuffs and tinned and canned food products as they come with artificial preservatives.


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Right Fats

The development and growth of Type diabetes also largely depends on the kind of dietary fat that you choose. There are certain saturated fats indirectly cause insulin resistance in the body and promote inflammation. On the other hand, if you consume olive oil then the oleic acid present in it results in an anti inflammatory action and thus, it decreases the jeopardy of insulin resistance.

Here, it should also be noted that the omega 3 fats are highly beneficial for improving the insulin response of the body organs. So, now you can make out that what are the right fats that you should go for.

Olive Oil


It is extremely essential for every member of your family to break a sweat daily in order to prevent Type 2 diabetes. Daily physical exercise helps in the maintenance of proper muscular function and improves the body sensitivity to insulin.

This results in stable level of blood glucose. So, start with regular morning walks and all sorts of physical stretching exercises. You can also go for swimming and cycling sessions for an overall excellent health.


Flavor Food With The Right Spices

There are certain spices that are beneficial in preventing Type 2 diabetes. These spices include thyme, black pepper, Jamaican allspice, turmeric and other such herbs. They largely obstruct the glycation reactions and help in the reduction of glucose level in the blood. So, eat healthy and tasty and keep Type 2 diabetes at bay!


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