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How to Treat Colic

[toc]colicColic is an ailment that can heal itself over a period of time. However, not at all times you can say that colic does not lead to complications and thus medical intervention is required. There are also certain home remedies that offer good results. The treatment options are not many in case of colic. There are a certain things that are to be modified in your lifestyle too.

There are also a few dietary changes required. In case of babies, a few parenting styles are to be followed. Also, the doctors can offer medicines at times when the colic is not cured by itself. Find how to treat colic using various methods.

Ways To Treat Colic


MedicationsColic is usually treated by itself, which means all the problems get resolved over time without the need for medical intervention. However, when this does not happen, then consult the physician immediately. Colic treatments are effectively based on how the affected individual reacts.

A few babies react well to the medicines while others don’t. The doctor prescribes the simeticone drops. This is to be added to the breast milk of the formula milk before feeding. This has to be used for a week as a trial.

Lactase Drops

The babies do not have the capability to digest the lactose in the breast milk and formula milk at times. When lactase drops are administered, the lactase enzyme breaks the lactose which is a sugar and makes it easy for the babies to digest.

The lactase drops are to be used only for a week as a trial. This has to be mixed with the breast milk or formula milk before feeding the baby. Consult your doctor before giving this to the babies.

Parental Care

Avoid Dairy ProductThe babies are to be held and fed when they demand. Also, the parents should maintain the schedule for the babies to feed and make them sleep on fixed times. If the lactating mother takes dairy products, it is important to stay away from them for a week and check for the reactions in the babies.

Also, make sure that you do not lift the babies often and place them down often. These worsen the condition of the colic. Comforting the baby is more important.

Home Remedies

When you want the babies to get relieved of colic, burp the baby after every feed. Make sure that the bottle has the perfect size of the hole. The smaller the size of the hole the babies swallow air which causes colic.

Also, babies like white music like the washing machine’s background noise. Push the babies around in the rock chair or in the pram. This helps them to feel relieved from the colic pain. Keep the babies wrapped snugly in the sheets.

Homeopathy Treatments

HomeopathyThere are homeopathy medicines that are efficient in curing colic. Also, black cumin is suggested by ayurvedic experts to treat colic in babies. Chiropractic care is also suggested, but there is no scientific evidence to provide a solid back up. Massage is a proven method that helps in relieving colic.

When you try any of these methods, make sure you get this done from the professionals who are skilled, experienced and qualified. This is to make sure that there are no complications after the treatment.

There is no single cure or treatment for colic. You need to analyze the reasons and monitor the reactions when you try any modification. Also, changes in parenting style are to be considered considerably.

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