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How To Treat A Stroke

Ways To Treat A Stroke

[toc]A stroke is a condition, wherein the brain cells get suddenly switched off or die because of lack of oxygen supply to it. This can be caused due to improper blood supply. Though anyone can suffer a stroke, yet there are some factors that contribute to it. Some of these are: family history of stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking cigarettes, diabetes, obesity and cardio vascular disease history. Stroke is a medical emergency and has to be treated immediately to save life and to reduce the post stroke problems.

First of all one has to check if the symptoms are of a stroke. If it is then calm the patient and lay the person down. The head and the shoulders should be slightly elevated. Rush the person to the nearest hospital if the person is not breathing, where the person is treated with clot-busting drugs. There are some methods to treat a stroke at home or a place where it occurs, some of which are listed below.

Ways To Treat A Stroke


Carrots For A Stroke

Once the patient is at home, continue the prescribed medicine and add carrots to your daily diet. Having 2-3 carrots daily for at least 4-5 times a day will help in the treatment. Eating carrots everyday will reduce the chances of a stroke by almost 45%. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and other carotenoids.

Raw Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices For A Stroke

The patient suffering from a stroke should go on a fast. This will help the body to re-adjust and minimize the effect of the stroke. After a couple of days of fasting the person, can start on raw fruit juice. This will lessen the side effects of the stroke and help the person to get back to normal faster.


Garlic For A Stroke

Research has shown that garlic whether taken raw or as a capsule has the potential to reduce platelet adhesiveness and boost blood circulation. Garlic is known as the best anti clotting herb.

It contains nine anti coagulant compounds. Garlic reduces the blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. Garlic is one of the best herbs for stroke prevention. Use it in your salads, cooked food or have it raw.

Turmeric And Ceyenne Pepper

Turmeric And Ceyenne Pepper For A Stroke

Turmeric too helps to remove blood clots. Turmeric has a compound curcumin; it is this compound that helps the blood from clotting. This will help to not only treat the stroke, but also prevent it from occurring further.

The powder of cayenne too, is a good healer and preventer of stroke. Cayenne pepper has properties that boost the circulation of blood and help the heart in functioning better. Use a minimum of 100 miligrams of cayenne pepper twice a day daily. Include these two ingredients in your daily diet.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Herbal tea is very good to treat a stroke. Green tea is a great anti oxidant and it helps in detoxification too. The properties of the green tea will help in getting relief.  Green tea should be prepared and consumed at least two to three times a day. It will help resolve the conditions that lead to a stroke.

Treat A Stroke

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