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How To Treat Decreased Libido

[toc]Decreased LibidoIt is said that ‘sex is always on a man’s mind’. Popular culture shapes our thoughts in such a way so that we are encouraged to see men as ‘sex animals’-who possess a passionate interest in sexual activities. Unfortunately, the truth is that many men suffer from low libido at some point of lives. Shocking as it may sound, but the truth is that one in every five men suffers from decreased libido.

In most cultures, manliness is synonymous with high libido and this is the reason why men suffering from sexual problems avoid seeking treatments. They think that opting for treatments will affect their masculinity, thus degrading their position in eyes of the society. However, the truth is that decreased libido is a serious problem and it is crucial that you seek the correct treatments for it.

Methods To Treat Decreased Libido

Get Medical Tests Done

High Blood PressureStudies have revealed that several serious medical problems, such as, diabetes and high blood pressure can affect libido of a person. You can also experience low libido because of hormonal problems. However, it won’t be possible for you or the doctor to understand the exact reasons behind your low libido, unless you undergo these tests. So, undergoing the necessary tests is extremely crucial.

Handle Stress Perfectly

Handle StressOften, stress affects libido of a person negatively. If your doctor states that there are no medical reasons behind your decreased appetite for sex, it will be a good idea to evaluate honestly how well you are coping with stress. If you think that you are suffering from excessive stress, talking a break from work or indulging in your old hobbies would be a great idea. You can also get in touch with a counselor for discussing your stress related issues.

Check Your Current Medications

Current MedicationsCertain hair loss and anti depressant medications can affect libido of a person. If you are specifically experienced decreased libido after taking these medications, it is important that you consult with a doctor immediately. A doctor will evaluate the effect of the medications on your sexual health and prescribe alternate medicines, if required. So, get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Quit SmokingMany men think that it is manly to smoke or drink. However, the truth is that excessive drinking and smoking can wreck havoc on your sex life. For this reason, it is crucial that you get rid of these habits. Of course, quitting alcohol or smoking in a day won’t be possible. Give yourself some time for quitting these habits and if required, take help of a counselor.

Evaluate The Relationship With Your Partner

It is impossible to enjoy a healthy sex life, if you are not happy with your partner. Lack of communication, conflicting desires or lack of respect-all can contribute to decreased libido. Therefore, it is crucial that you evaluate your personal relationship from a neutral point of view. For best results, talk with your partner and try to find common solutions.

Implement these tips for treating reduced libido.