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Top 10 Natural Cures For Diaper Rash

[toc]It is indeed painful to see that rash on the bums and genital areas of your baby and it is a trauma for both mother and child. Though diaper rash is very common, it cannot be denied that it sure poses a menace for the child including not eating, sleepless nights and other related issues. Diaper rash is usually caused because of friction, especially when babies are made to stay in diapers 24X7.

Diaper Rash

However, it can also be caused because of wrong undergarments. Nevertheless, most companies claim to have made diapers that prevent rashes by avoiding excessive wetting, diaper rash still continues to be a problem. And with the number of growing working mothers and convenience of diapers, this problem has only risen. Here are some simple solutions to deal with diaper rash, which are natural and safe for your darling:

10 Best Natural Cures For Diaper Rash

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra virgin or even regular coconut oil is highly suggested to get rid of the diaper rash problem. It has soothing and healing properties that are not only natural, but easily available. Remember that you should use pure coconut oil, especially the extra virgin version as the soft skin of your baby is susceptible to further damage because of the slightest of chemicals.

You can massage the area gently with the same and let it stay. This can be used as a shield or protective barrier every time you make your baby wear a diaper. Cotton balls can also be used to apply the same.

Coconut Oil


The healing and soothing properties of Chamomile are many and one of them includes being a good antioxidant along with antihistamine. This gorgeous flower is available in both fresh and dried forms. In fact, you can boil and strain either of them to make a weak tea for your baby.

Apply this on the baby’ rash or even mix the same in the bath tub and let your baby soak in the same. Let your baby play in this lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes and the process should be repeated twice for best results.



Another nature cure that works really well for curing diaper rash is oatmeal, which is readily available in most homes. This oatmeal helps in curing the itchiness that rashes cause along with the burning sensation and even makes the skin of your baby smooth and supple.

The sting from the rash is gone too. Simply add a cup of powdered rolled oats or even quick oats to your baby’s bath. You can also apply a thick paste of the same on the baby’s skin and let it stay for about 5 minutes. But if your baby is crawling or constantly on the move that is going to be tough.


Cotton Diaper

An environmentally friendly alternative here would be using cotton or reusable diapers. These days thankfully you get nice and thick ones made from organic cotton that prevent your home from getting wet and absorb the urine well. This has to be changed every time your baby pees but it is cost effective and skin friendly.

You just have to wash the diaper with a gentle soap and let it dry and then re-use. The best part is that your baby loves the soft, skin-friendly cotton that prevents rash and doesn’t aggravate the existing rash. You can also use a soft muslin cloth to create your own diaper at home.


Cooking Lard

Crisco or cooking lard helps to ease the pain that is caused by diaper rash. All that you have to do here is spread the lard all over the butts of the baby.

What happens here is that lard kind of makes a barrier or a shield between the skin and the fecal elements. So all those urine acids are unable to penetrate and this helps in making the tissue supple. Apply the same generously and let it dry.

Cooking Lard


Natural cornstarch has been used for ages for treating diaper rashes. In fact, it has been highly recommended for babies instead of talcum powder, because it is a milder and more natural version of the latter.

Use this cornstarch as a powder and spread across the butts before you make them wear a diaper. But do remember that it should not seep too much into the vaginal area.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Another quick and effective remedy for diaper rashes would be using extra virgin or even usual olive oil to massage the skin of the baby.

It too creates a barrier between the feces and the skin. It nourishes the skin and provides instant moisture and nourishment to the skin.

Olive Oil

Don’t Use Alcohol Wipes

It is so easy to carry around those wet wipes that one is often tempted to just use wipes all the time instead of washing, especially in the colder areas. But do you know that these wet wipes, no matter how mild they are, cause a lot of diaper rash and even aggravate the same.

Many companies claim that these wipes have nourishing properties and nourish the skin but in truth they snatch more moisture from the baby’s skin, leading to dryness, which further causes rashes. If you want to avoid this, use lukewarm water and wipe with some oil post the wash. Remember to avoid soap in this reference too.

Alcohol Wipes


Vinegar solution is one of the best ways to help in treating diaper rash. It has been seen that stale urine causes a lot of bacteria because it releases ammonia. Hence, the skin tends to burn in the same way like acidic reactions. However, you can use some vinegar mixed with water to rinse the cotton diapers.

When using disposable ones, clean the baby’s bums with a spoon of vinegar mixed with 8 spoons of water to get the same benefit. Again, it is vital that the vinegar should be diluted well or it will cause further damage to the skin.


Aloe Vera

Simply use the gel of fresh aloe vera or even a cream based with the same and apply on the skin of the baby. This is a natural protective shield and can be used as a diaper cream too. You do not have to wipe the aloe vera, just apply and leave it on!

Aloe Vera Gel

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