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5 Ways To Treat Knee Pain

Ways To Treat Knee Pain

[toc]Knees are the most complex and most sensitive joint of the human body. This is also the most damage prone joint of the body. Knee pain can either be related to the knee joint directly, or can be a referred pain. There are several causes for knee pain. These include injuries due to sprain and strain, diseases which affect the knee, inflammations, fractures and dislocations and environmental causes like working or staying in a cold place.

Knee pain can also arise when there is reduced physical activity, leading to weakening muscles. Another factor which can put pressure on the knees and cause it to hurt is obesity. In such cases, regular activities like walking and moving around will result in knee pain. Knee pain, if not diagnosed and treated on time can worsen with time, and may result in other severe problems. Hence it is important to treat knee pain on time. Here are some ways to treat knee pain:

5 Treatments For Knee Pain

Rice Therapy

Elevation Reduce Knee Pain

Rice is the acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Proper rest is required in the case of knee pain. More stress and more exertion on the knees can exaggerate the pain. The legs should always have support while sitting or sleeping. Applying ice bags on the knees can reduce the pain and inflammation. The pack should not be applied for more than 20 minutes, as too much use of ice can also create more pain and damaged nerves.

Compressive bandage is used in compression. This provides great relief in fluid build-up. The bandage should not be very tight at the knee else it can cause more pain. Elevation of the knees can be done by keeping the legs in the elevated position. Pillows below the feet are a good technique for elevation.

Oil Massage

Oil Massage Reduce Knee Pain

A soft massage with the warm mustard, coconut or olive oil provides relief from knee pain. There is no effect of massage on the bone, but a gentle massage loosens up the tissues and increases the blood circulation, which in turn alleviates the pain in the knee. Professional massage therapists can provide great help in this case.

Healthy Lifestyle

Stop Smoking

Lifestyle changes are the most important aspect when treating knee pain. First, check your weight levels. Overweight and obese people have more chances of developing knee pain. Smoking should be stopped, as the smoke hinders the repairing of the tissues.

The whole healing process can also slow down due to smoking. You must also eat the right foods to treat knee pain effectively. Food rich in Omega 3 fat is good for curing the condition of knee pain. Walnuts and flex seeds are rich in Omega 3.


Exercising Reduce Knee Pain

Stretching and exercising are very beneficial for stronger muscles. Stretching should be done regularly for tough and flexible knees. This is a good prevention as it will help the knees over the long term. You can also try yoga on a daily basis. Some people believe that if they run with the knee pain, the pain will get better. But running can increase the pain and can make the muscles weak.

It can create more damage to the knees. Walking and jogging must be done on the flat surface, and the surface must be changed frequently. Cross exercising encompasses an array of exercises, which also assist in adequate activity in the body instead of few regular exercises that puts pressure on the knees.


Tamarind Reduce Knee Pain

This is a good home remedy, which can be prepared easily. Some tamarind leaves can be boiled and these leaves can be kept over the knee. To retain warmth, the knee should be wrapped with a cloth. It should be kept overnight to get complete relief.

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