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5 Ways To Treat Arthritis

Ways To Treat Arthritis

[toc]Arthritis cannot always be cured with a single form of treatment. Multiple treatments that include food cures or a combination of a few are employed to find the best solution that works for you. These are medications, heat therapies and sufficient rest that are prescribed to treat arthritis.

There are also several alternative treatment methods that help in relieving the pain. As a part of the treatment, maintaining the ideal weight is also required. Medications can help in relieving pain while the exercises offer long lasting results. Here are a few things that will help to know about how to treat arthritis with various methods.

5 Methods To Treat Arthritis


Medications For Arthritis

NSAIDS, anti-depressants, pain killers, capsaicin and gout treatment are the popular medications for arthritis. The aim of these medications is to relieve pain. Chronic pain can be relieved with the tricyclic. Visco-supplementation is prescribed as an injection to the people who suffer from osteoarthritis. Gout treatments are for the extreme cases. While these medications are good in relieving pain, side effects are involved which range from dizziness to damage to the kidneys. Sticking to the dose prescribed by the physician is therefore mandatory.

Surgical Options

Surgery For Arthritis

Various surgeries can help when medications do not work. The surgeons remove the floating bone or the debris from the joints through the procedure called Arthroscopy which involves inserting a lighted tube. Metal or plastic joints can replace the joints that are damaged by arthritis with the joint replacement therapy. The joints can be removed from the bone ends and connected using pins and screws. This method of joint fusion can be done when joint replacement fails. A joint preserving surgery or the osteotomy improves the stability of the joints if you are active and young.


Ginger For Arthritis

Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate the arthritis pain. Ginger can be used in any cuisine and any food. You can make it an ingredient for your dessert or for the main course. It also helps in clearing the mucus which is associated with arthritis pain. It aids in digestion and is a part of home remedy for weight loss. If you are overweight, which is not recommended for arthritis, take in ginger in huge quantities. Ginger can also be used in tea which adds to the flavor.


Exercises For Arthritis

Being overweight adds to the problem of arthritis. So, exercises play a major role in treating arthritis. Apart from keeping off weight, exercises also help to relieve the pain in the joints. When exercises recommended by the medical practitioners are done, the joints are relieved. Exercises do not cure arthritis, but avoid the conditions from getting worse. They aid in restoring the movement of the joints which avoids inflammation. It is crucial to check with the physician about the exercises that can be done and that are to be avoided.

Physical Therapies

Physical Therapies For Arthritis

To replenish the movement of joints, the physical therapy helps a lot. It has to be done under the supervision of a therapist. The therapist teaches about making movements for daily chores in an easier way. The blood flow can be increased in the joints with the heat and cold therapy. You need to apply heat and cold compress alternatively to relieve pain. Hydrotherapy includes immersion in the hot tub which aids in untying the tough joints. The pressure on the joints can be reduced with these therapies.

Arthritis can be treated when all these are followed along with the medication. Surgery is the last option when the body fails to respond to medications and the alternative therapies.

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