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Various Signs And Symptoms Of Arthritis


Arthritis Arthritis

There are a lot of different ailments that a person has to go through in their lifetime. A lot of these illnesses occur due to external factors whereas there are many of them for which age and internal issues are responsible. However, among these one of the most common ones is that of arthritis. Along with knowing the causes that lead the occurrence of the problem, it is also important to know about the signs and symptoms. By getting an idea about the signs, you can detect the problem at an early stage and get a treatment as soon as possible. This list below will help you out perfectly in getting a detailed knowledge of arthritis symptoms.

Signs And Symptoms Of Arthritis

Swelling in the Joints

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints and that is the part that is completely affected. You will see unusual swelling in the joints on quite a regular basis if you are suffering from arthritis. This is another of the visible symptoms that the crisis brings along and gives you an idea that something is wrong on a serious level.
Severe Joint Pain

Regular muscle pain is quite a prevalent thing that is faced by most of us. However, if you have severe and prolonged pains and especially in the joints then there can be a chance that you are leading towards the condition of arthritis. Sometimes the pain is so sharp that it affects the daily routine completely and you won’t be able to carry on the usual lifestyle. It is one of the top notch signs of the illness.

Reduced Movements

Are you suddenly feeling that you are not able to move your legs or hands? Do you feel stiffness in the joints? Reduced movements of the joints are a common term that is associated with arthritis. So if you are experiencing this from quite sometime now, then you can be rest assured that it is a symptom that reflects the ailment. The inability to move the joints can be really discomforting.

Feeling of Warmth

In a lot of cases, one of the signs of arthritis is that of a warm sensation around the joints. This might be quite visible in some cases and not at all in some. However, it is definitely one of the symptoms that you can look for.


Fever Fever

The excessive pain in the joints can a lot of times lead to fever and rise in body temperature. This again can be a sign that you can associate the arthritis with. Usually the fever is not very high but definitely above the normal range.


Stiffness in the joints, in the body and in the back is what you will feel especially after the night’s sleep. This is also possible in cases where you have been sitting in one position for long.

Redness of Joints

The skin around the joints will get inflamed and thus redness might occur in the region. This happens in most of the cases of arthritis and therefore is supposed to be one of the most common signs of the problem. Make sure you consult a doctor immediately if you have redness for a long time.

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