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Top 5 Causes Of Appendicitis

[toc]The appendix is a tiny pouch shaped organ that is located in the right lower abdomen. It doesn’t really have any function hence it’s mostly vestigial. Appendicitis is a condition where the appendix undergoes inflammation and becomes swollen and filled with pus. Appendicitis usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 30 but sometimes due to unusual circumstances it may occur in other age groups as well. Appendicitis can be caused due to various reasons but most of them are not really related hence it goes undiagnosed until it gets worse.


The primary reason for an infected appendix has been cited to be infection by bacteria. The bacteria multiplies at a very fast pace inside the appendix and forms pus with swelling. When you ignore to treat this, the appendix can rupture necessitating an immediate surgery. Listed below are some causes of appendicitis:

5 Causes Of Appendicitis


Infections of the appendix could be bacterial or viral. Infections have a way of affecting any organ in the body. Inflammation may occur and that leads to swelling and pus formation. In most cases, stomach infections that are untreated may migrate and find their way in to affect the individual’s appendix.


Obstruction Of Blood Supply To Appendix

Bacteria that are killed by the gastro intestinal track sometimes tend to remain in the body because of certain reasons. They are not excreted in faeces and hence may clog or block the blood supply of the appendix. The bacteria in the stool will also cause infection to the appendix. With a hampered blood supply or obstructed artery, the appendix will develop an inflammation and give pain to the individual.

Blood Supply

Trauma To Lower Abdomen

Any mechanical trauma or injury, as well call it in normal terms, on the area of the lower abdomen may cause the infection of the appendix. Due to the hit, the inner structures like other organs, arteries, veins or nerves around the appendix might be damaged so the effect migrates towards the appendix and causes problems there.



Certain malignant conditions in which the tumour gets metastasized into the blood flow and hampers the functioning may cause appendicitis. Appendix may be a vestigial organ, but when it is affected, it leads to a lot of pain and trouble to the person.


Disorientation Of The Appendix

The tail of the appendix is supposed to be directed towards a certain direction while it is normally presented in the human body. The positions that is it directed towards is 11 o clock position, 1 o clock, 3 o clock and 6 o clock position. Any movement due to external trauma or some irregularity inside the body may lead to alteration in the direction of the appendix and may result in appendicitis.

Complications related to appendicitis can vary ranging from fever to nausea, from abdominal pain to loss of appetite. Some patients complain of constipation as well. However appendicitis is a very treatable condition. Thousands of appendectomies are practiced throughout the world every day in order to remove the inflamed appendix. It is among the easiest operations in the world so do not hesitate to get it down.


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