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List Of Appendicitis Symptoms

[toc]Appendicitis is one of the very commonly occurring ailments among people of any age group. In fact, there are a lot of children as well who face appendicitis during their school going time period. Though, it is said that the only solution for appendicitis is that of surgery, it is important for you to detect the problem as soon as possible for early treatment.


This calls for a deep knowledge about the various symptoms that accompanies appendicitis. The list below will give you the top notch signs that can help you know what exactly to expect and thus move in the right direction of cure.

7 Appendicitis Symptoms

Vomiting Tendencies

Are you having regular sensations of vomiting? Has it become more than frequent without any reason and out of the blue? You should be aware that vomiting is one of the early signs that are associated with the problem of appendicitis. Though, it is important to look into other symptoms as well, but this is definitely one of the prevalent ones.


Sharp Pain In The Abdomen

The first and the foremost symptom that might make you feel that something severely is wrong with you is that of a sharp pain in the lower right side of the abdomen. Usually the pain is unbearable and you might want instant relief using pain killers. The pain usually comes in pangs and makes a person lose his/her mind.

Pain in Abdomen

Rise In Temperature

The intolerable pain usually leads to rise in the body temperature. This can usually go to 100 degree F or more in many cases. Fever is definitely one of the signs of appendicitis if it is accompanied with pain and other symptoms. Once you face all this, it is best to get a testing done as soon as you can. This can also be followed by chilly sensations.


Diarrhea/ Constipation

This might differ for different individuals. Some might experience severe forms of diarrhea when undergoing the ailment of appendicitis, while there are others who might complain of constipation in this situation. No matter which one you undergo, it is one symptom of appendicitis that you need to note down will occur with the rest.


Appetite Loss

Are you suddenly not feeling hungry anymore? Are you facing a loss of appetite along with severe pain in the right side of the stomach as well as vomiting and fever? If yes, then it might confirm that this is a sign of appendicitis in the body. You need to understand that this is one sign that easily contributes to the main issue.

appetite loss

Discomfort Near The Belly Button

Way before you start feeling severe pain in the lower abdomen area, you will experience a lot of discomfort and pain near the belly button. This gets worse when you put pressure in the area in the form of coughing and sneezing or even during a car ride.

Discomfort Near The Belly Button

Gastric And Bloating Issues

A lot of people complain of having a gastric and bloating issue when they were later detected by appendicitis. Though, it might not occur in all, it does occur in some rare cases and can be stated as a symptom.

Gastric And Bloating

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