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5 Easy Herbal Remedies For Pneumonia

Herbal Remedies For Pneumonia

[toc]Pneumonia is a bacterial infection which occurs in the chest. Usually healthy individuals do not get infected with pneumonia. People who have a lowered immune status or are infected with other possible infectious agents can be infected with pneumonia. It is characterised by intense coughing, wheezing in the lungs and severe mucous build up in the thorax. The window period for pneumonia is 2 weeks so by eating right and following the correct treatment regime you can treat it.

Herbal remedies for pneumonia are quite effective as compared to traditional allopathic medications. Medications will have their own side effects and they do not guarantee that the patient will be pneumonia freed for the rest of his life. The disease could be recurrent. Here are some herbal remedies to treat pneumonia:

Herbal Remedies For Pneumonia

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper For Pneumonia

It is used as an effective remedy for several lung disorders including pneumonia. It is said that people with asthmatic episodes are more at a risk of contracting pneumonia so this herb also relieves asthmatic symptoms. It is antimicrobial in nature so it will kill the existing bacteria in the respiratory tract as well.

Pleurisy Root

Pleurisy Root For Pneumonia

It is very effective in pneumonia since it is antibacterial. Most pneumonia related agents are known to be bacteria and this root kills them selectively without causing any harm to the respiratory system of the body.

In some cases, pleurisy root is used as an actual medication to treat pneumonia. Sometimes it proves to be very effective and you don’t need to consume any traditional medicines, because it can on its own prove to be a great treatment.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea For Pneumonia

Ginger is also a very good bacteria killer. You could prepare ginger tea in a pot of boiling water. Add some mint extract or lime juice in it and you can consume this tea twice in a day. You might start feeling better within a week but you need to keep this treatment continued for at least two weeks and that’s when all your symptoms will start going down.


Garlic For Pneumonia

Although the taste of garlic is unpleasant, it is a naturally available antibiotic. It has its own healing properties and whether you consume it raw or with an infusion, it will be equally beneficial. You can squeeze some fresh garlic juice and add a few drops of lemon juice to it.

Gulp down this mixture once in the morning and once at night. It will start killing all the unwanted bacteria in your system and make you feel better within no time. You should also consume lots of fluid along with this because garlic is known to produce heat in the body. Make sure you are well hydrated.


Thyme For Pneumonia

Thyme helps in improving the individual’s immune response and to build up immunity. You will need your immunity to be intact to fight a vigorous infection like pneumonia. You could prepare some fresh thyme tea by using thyme leaves and mint extract.

Make sure you consume it when it’s warm and not kept out for a long time. Fresh thyme can also be added as a seasoning on soups and salads, as this will increase the consumption of this herb.

5 Easy Herbal Remedies For Pneumonia

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