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8 Natural Cures For Pneumonia

Natural Cure To Pneumonia

[toc]The disease pneumonia involves inflammation of the lungs caused by infection. The infection is commonly caused due to bacteria although it is also caused due to virus. Even though the disease can be cured in a month, but sometimes it can also go on till a year.

Antibiotics are usually used to treat it but, in some cases, especially in the case of viral pneumonia, the disease fails to respond to antibiotics. Here, we provide you with some natural remedies that are not only easy to prepare but also effective in curing Pneumonia to a great extent.

8 Best Natural Cures For Pneumonia

Raw Garlic And Garlic Paste

Raw Garlic For Pneumonia

Since the garlic is an irritant and rubefacient, it helps in clearing the respiratory tract. Therefore, to cure pneumonia, garlic is the best option that is readily available. Consume large quantities of garlic and apply its paste directly onto the chest to get best results.

Mixture Of Carrot And Spinach Juice

Carrot Juice For Pneumonia

Mix 300ml of fresh carrot juice along with 200ml of spinach juice and drink the mixture in small quantities at regular intervals throughout the day.

You can also use 100 ml each of cucumber and beetroot juice instead of spinach juice. This will help strengthen your immunity and help you fight against pneumonia faster.

Fenugreek Tea With Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice For Pneumonia

Prepare tea with fenugreek and add a few drops of Lemon juice to it. Consume nothing but this solution for two to three days at regular intervals. The fenugreek added to the tea helps in removing all toxins and clearing the respiratory tract.

Parsnip Juice

Parsnip Juice For Pneumonia

Drink 250ml of the cultivated parsnip juice every day. Be careful to avoid the wild variance juice as that could lead to Complications. Since parsnip is rich in antioxidants and minerals along with ample of dietary fiber, it not only kills bacteria but also strengthens immunity.

Solution of linseed, Sesame Seed, Honey, Water And Salt

Linseed For Pneumonia

Add one tbsp. of linseed, fifteen grams of Sesame seeds, one tbsp. of honey and a pinch of salt to a glass of water (250ml). Drink this solution every day to help clear phlegm from the bronchial tubes. This will help to cure pneumonia.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root For Pneumonia

Drinking licorice root tea or sucking licorice lozenges once or twice daily help. However, do not do this for more than seven days in a row and avoid licorice root if you have high blood pressure. Also, do not use this treatment for curing pneumonia in children.

Pleurisy Root

Pleurisy Root For Pneumonia

Pleurisy root helps in fighting pneumonia. It helps in reducing inflammation of the pleural membranes based in the lungs, is a lymphatic system stimulant and enhances the secretion of good lung fluids. This herb is a popular favorite for treating this disease.

Mixture of Ginger, Fenugreek, Black Pepper And Turmeric

Ginger For Pneumonia

Use ginger, fenugreek, black pepper along with turmeric. It is advantageous for the lungs and aids against pneumonia. You can either have these ingredients raw or boil them together in warm water and drink the solution.

All these remedies show visible results only when continued for a long period of time, preferably three months. Children below 12 years of age should be given these remedies only after consultation with a physician.

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