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How To Cure Pneumonia

Ways To Cure Pneumonia

[toc]Pneumonia is popularly known as the infection in lungs. The disease is caused by the attack of fungi, bacteria, parasites or viruses. An inflammation of alveoli in human lung is the primary characteristic of pneumonia. An individual with fluid filled in alveoli must be diagnosed before the condition deteriorates.

If pneumonia becomes severe and reach the extreme condition, the patient can become very sick. This infection in lungs can also cause death to the individuals. This disease mostly occurs in young and healthy people. But, it can be fatal for babies and aged people. Let us take an attempt to understand how to cure pneumonia.

5 Tips To Cure Pneumonia

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Pneumonia

You must consume high doses of Vitamin C in order to cure pneumonia. This is quite effective if diagnosis of the infection is made at the first stage. Most physicians recommend their patients to consume 500mg of vitamin C in an hour until the tissues become saturated with Vitamin C.

The patient must go through bowel tolerance with watery stool and excess spill over in urine. Infection gets cleared gradually with every bowel tolerance. If you can consume Vitamin C regularly, it will protect you from other diseases as well.

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Beta Carotene – Vitamin A

Vitamin A For Pneumonia

Vitamin A is quite effective in healing the injured epithelial tissues and relieving the patient from free radicals. You can also use beta carotene for patients suffering from pneumonia. Pneumonia attack on people suffering from impaired immune system or other diseases can cause serious problem.

Medical science has observed the role of Vitamin A in lowering the rate of infections in a person suffering from pneumonia. Thus, it is also known as a wonderful preventive nutrient. Green leafy vegetables are wonderful sources of such vitamin.


Zinc For Pneumonia

A powerful mineral for curing the patients suffering from pneumonia is none other than zinc. This helps in boosting the white blood cells in a patient which in turn produces antibodies to fight against the infection. Some people have a tendency of having a sore throat or inflamed condition of throat.

You can dissolve a zinc lozenge available in the market to get prompt relief. One of the serious effects of pneumonia is inflammation. If you want to eradicate this inflammation from the sensitive parts of your body, zinc is a powerful mineral.


Selenium For Pneumonia

For years doctors and clinicians have prescribed selenium to patients suffering from pneumonia as it acts as a good immune stimulant. Since, Vitamin E is an important antioxidant, selenium helps in enhancing the absorption of antioxidants in human body.

It is advisable to speak to physician for knowing the right dosage of this nutrient. Oxidants are very harmful for our body. This is mostly due to pollution and intake of harmful food materials. But, selenium is a wonderful way of removing oxidants and curing pneumonia.


Magnesium For Pneumonia

Magnesium in human body acts as a muscle relaxant to relieve stiffness in the muscular condition. You can either get this mineral in your food in the form of green leafy vegetables or can simply go for magnesium tablets available in medical stores. You can also take an Epsom salt bath to make the body absorb magnesium.

Just add a few cups of Epsom salt in your tumbler and start taking bath. People suffering from pneumonia get benefit from the Epsom salt bath to a huge extent. However, the proper dosages of all these nutrients mentioned will vary with the age of the individual. The dosage will depend on the severity of the infection and the age of the individual as well.

How To Cure Pneumonia

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