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9 Best Home Remedies For Cavities

Home Remedies For Cavities

[toc]The term dental cavity is defined as a common cause of tooth pain along with jaw problems. Basically cavities are small bacterial growth that occur on the teeth and you can say that they are microscopic black organisms, which sustain on the teeth and lead to terrible plain and teeth problems.

It happens because of poor hygiene, wrong diet and other similar factors, but it sure is a menace. If the cavity is not treated on time, it means that you are putting your tooth to the risk of permanent decay. What will happen here is that this cavity will keep penetrating deep into the canal and also multiply, leading to irrevocable damage, which can be solved only via root canal or tooth extraction. These home remedies can help you control the cavity and prevent it from getting worse.

9 Best Home Remedies For Cavities

Rock Salt And Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil For Cavities

This remedy has been used since ancient times for getting rid of the cavities and preventing them from spreading further. Basically cavities flourish on sweeter things so what you are doing by applying this paste is making them uncomfortable and not letting them access food.

Simply take a couple of spoons of both rock salt and mustard oil. Mix it well together and then massage on the teeth. Leave it for at least 10 minutes and then wash it off or gargle with water. Remember to use raw mustard oil as it is much stronger in flavor as compared to packaged variations. But if not available, even packaged oil will do.

Rock Or Sea Salt

Sea Salt For Cavities

Both rock salt and sea salt are great remedies for teeth and can be used on their own or even mixed with some lime juice. You mix salt with lime juice and rub it on the teeth.

Leave it on for a few minutes and then gargle or wash your mouth. Another therapy here is to make a gargle of some warm water with about 2 spoons of salt. Rinse the mouth well, making sure that the deepest of the portions are covered.

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Clove And Camphor

Clove For Cavities

These two ingredients are not only rich in antibacterial properties but are also great for having a fresh breath all day. For this treatment, you can either use oils of both these ingredients or even use them as fresh. The easiest way to do it is simply mixing the oil of cloves and camphor and then use a cotton swab for applying it on the cavity.

This will help in healing the pain, reducing spread of the cavity and also work as an antiseptic. If you do not have access to oil, powder both of these ingredients and apply on the teeth. Even clove or camphor alone will provide amazing benefits. Another powder that you can make here is adding some pepper to clove oil and then applying it on the teeth and gums too. Remember, poor gum health too leads to cavities. Diluting the clove oil in some water and using it as a gargle works very well too. Again, if you don’t have fresh clove oil, powder clove mix it with olive oil and apply the same way.

Lemon And Asafoetida

Lemon For Cavities

It is said that vitamins are a great way to avoid gum problems and keep them at bay. Simply slice the lime and let the skin be. Leaving the skin on helps in faster recovery because the skin too has healing agents.

You can chew on the lime as it is or also add some asafoetida powder to it. A paste of the asafoetida along with lemon juice can be made and applied on the teeth. You can either do it with fingers or even cotton. Let it stay for a few minutes and then gargle or rinse.

Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass For Cavities

The juice of wheat grass has many kinds of medicinal properties along with providing respite from pain in the teeth. You should make a juice of the fresh wheat grass or even opt for the packaged variations.

Drink it on an empty stomach as this will prevent in pulling out the bacteria from cavity infected zones, along with stopping them from growing further. Also, you can chew on the wheat grass too, which means better exercise for the gums and teeth along with the same benefits.

Garlic And Onion

Garlic And Onion For Cavities

Both garlic and onions are rich in anti-bacterial along with having anti-fungal elements too. They are highly suggested for healthier teeth and respite from pain in the area too. You should consume both of these in raw forms. A paste of the two can be made and applied on the area.

Let it stay for about 10 minutes and rinse of using a mouth wash, because the smell can be rather overwhelming. If not then try to add more of these two ingredients to your diet and in raw forms, because they work the best that way. These contain a chemical named allicin that is excreted when you crush them and this prevents cavities.

Sunflower Or Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil For Cavities

Simply take a tablespoon of either oregano or sunflower oil and then swish it all over the mouth. It may not really taste nice initially but then it is great for improving your overall health. Both these oils are rich in antibiotic properties that works really well in preventing cavities and treating the ones that already exist.


Nutmeg For Cavities

Nutmegs too work the same way as clove or oregano oil and can be applied in the form of an oil or also directly. Simply grate some nutmeg and apply it on the teeth with clove or oregano oil. You can apply the oil directly on the teeth using cotton swabs. Let it stay for at least 10 minutes and there is no need to wash off. Repeat at least 3-4 times in a day.


Turmeric For Cavities

The healing and antibacterial properties of the turmeric are many and providing respite from cavity pain is just one of them. Use turmeric powder or even fresh turmeric and then apply on the affected teeth. Let it stay for a few minutes and then wash off well to avoid stains. Honey can be added to this mixture.

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