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How To Cure Hemorrhoids

[toc]Haemorrhoids are also known commonly as piles. Piles a common disease and mostly occurs in the inner or outer part of the anal canal. The veins and tissues of the anal canal get swollen and there is inflammation around the area. The outer margin of the anus can also get affected. The dilated piece of mass is not life-threatening but can actually be very discomforting during urination or defecation.


The person infected with this disease experiences pain during defecation, loss of blood on stool, excruciating pain when sitting n the toilet, itching around the area etc. the factors that can cause haemorrhoids are pregnancy, childbirth, constipation, diarrhoea or obesity. Following are some of the tips that can help you relieve your pain and cure haemorrhoids over the time.

11 Essentials Tips To Cure Hemorrhoids

Start Eating Healthy

If you suffer from haemorrhoids then you must add a lot of fiber in your diet. This is the best way to prevent haemorrhoids. Fresh fruits, whole grains, oatmeal and vegetables must be included as a part of your daily diet. If your food gets digested properly, rectal walls clean and dry, defecation will be mostly painless and smooth.

Whole Grains

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is the best therapy for the body. You must drink lots of water and fluid throughout the day. When you drink water or fluid during meals then remember that it promotes better digestion. It will prevent the stool from getting hardened. Water, fruit and vegetable juices, milk etc will keep your stomach moist and stool soft giving it a safe passage to evacuate.


Eat On Time

If you want to cure haemorrhoids then you must start eating on time. Making a regular eating schedule and alter your eating habits. You must never skip any of your meal or change the eating schedule any day. This will otherwise result in indigestion and trigger this disease.

Eat At Fixed Times

Regularize Your Schedule

You must have a regular schedule for defecation. This is very important for your body. If you develop a daily habit of a bowel movement then you will probably never experience the pain or difficulty in passing the stool. If you feel the pressure and want to defecate then visit the restroom right at that moment.

You must not delay or your stool will become dry and tough. Later on you will face difficulty to pass the stool. Always remember that if you have a hard stool then you will have to put on extra pressure to pass it outside. This will strain your rectum and side walls causing them to get inflamed and swell up.

bowel movement

Do Not Lift Heavy Objects

If you are suffering from haemorrhoids you must not lift heavy objects. You should also hold back from sitting down for a long period of time. If you lift any object that is heavy for your holding capacity then you will actually end up straining your muscles, veins and walls of the anal area.

This will also happen when you sit. This is the reason why you must change your seated position at every small interval. You must not sit in the same position for a long period of time, get up and walk around, do some stretching every now and then.

There is an important point that you must take into consideration. When defecating, you must not sit on the toilet bowl for a long time. This is because the rectal muscles, tissues and veins will get pulled due to gravity causing the area to swell and get inflamed.

heavy objects

Regular Exercise

You must keep yourself fit and healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight is absolutely essential. Therefore, regular exercises and staying active should be on the priority list each day. Staying active will lead to an improvement in the digestive system.

It will make your bowel movement healthy and you will also be able to conquer diseases like diarrhoea and constipation. Regular exercising also lessens down the risk of acquiring haemorrhoids.


Keep The Area Clean

You must always keep the anal area clean and dry. You must wipe your anal area gently with the use of an unscented and wet toilet paper. Always dab the area dry and never wipe it strenuously.

You will cause tension and abrasion in the area. You must also be careful about not keeping the anal area moist. Extra moisture around the area will only cause irritation in the anal area that could lead to haemorrhoids.

toilet paper

Warm Sitz Bath

If you are suffering from haemorrhoids then you can get a warm sitz bath fitted on your toilet bowl. You could also soak in a hot bath for 15 to 20 minutes for 2-3 times each day.

You must sit in a way that the swelled up anal area makes contact with the water otherwise this therapy will not work. You can get a sitz bath easily in the medical stores.

hot bath

Reduce The Irritation

If you want to reduce the friction and irritation then you could use an ointment like, Rectinol or Anusol. These are readily available at the drug stores nearby you must sit on pillows or blow-up rings as it will keep the weight distributed properly.

You could also utilize antiseptic cloth that is disposable for cleaning your rectum. Do not use soap as it could make matters worse.

antiseptic cloth

Visit A Doctor

If the haemorrhoids do not go away in two weeks time then you must go and consult a doctor immediately. Your doctor will provide you with a lot of options like a rubber band ligation, surgical removal, injection for shrinkage, etc. You must think about it clearly and take the suggestion of your family before taking any decision.

consult doctor

Witch Hazel

If you are suffering from haemorrhoids then dab a little witch hazel on the cotton ball and apply on the affected areas. This is one of the best home remedies especially if you are suffering from bleeding.

Applying witch hazel will help in contraction of the blood vessels. You must always put the bottle of witch hazel in the bucket of ice and cool it down before taking it in the cotton ball. It is said that if the liquid is cold it is all the more better.

Witch Hazel

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