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5 Natural Cures For Hemorrhoids

Natural Cures For Hemorrhoids

[toc]Hemorrhoids are usually caused by the swelling and inflammation of the veins of the anus and the rectum. This condition can occur internally or externally and in both men and women. This condition rather than being harmful is more of a nuisance as it causes tremendous discomfort as a result of irregular bowel movements. If left untreated it can become a major problem and create several complications.

External haemorrhoids cause no or little symptoms like irritation and pain. Internal haemorrhoids can be identified by the presence of bright red blood in the stools, extreme pain and can be discomforting and debilitating for the patient. Many medicinal creams are available for treating the condition but these do not treat the root cause of the problem. Hence patients are increasingly looking at natural remedies for treating the problem of hemorrhoids.

5 Best Natural Cures For Hemorrhoids

Lifestyle Changes

Soaking The Area In Warm Water

One of the first changes that a patient needs to make is not to sit but squat while passing bowel movements. Squatting relaxes the puborectalis muscle and straightens the rectum thus easing the strain put on the rectum while sitting. Along with this it is important to address the issues of inactivity and obesity. Hence exercising and losing weight are important remedies for this condition as they keep the digestive tract and the health of the individual in prime condition.

Soaking the area in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes a few times in the day can ease the discomfort and reduce the inflammation. Apple Cider Vinegar added to this bath will be extra effective. Cold compress or ice packs can help relieve the swelling caused by this condition. Keep the anal area clean and do not use irritants like soap. Also use a very soft toilet paper and this will reduce the friction. Topical application of coconut oil, calendula, or chamomile is recommended to ease the irritation and the inflammation.


Diet For Hemorrhoids

A major cause of hemorrhoids is constipation or hard stool. This causes immense pressure on the gut and the rectum. Fibre is very useful as it can soften the stools and increase the bulk thus helping to reduce the strain. Increase the daily intake of whole grains, vegetables, flax seeds and fruits as these are high in fibre content.

Also available is Psyllium which is a powdered fibre supplement. It is extremely important to drink plenty of water along with the increased intake of fibre. Water helps the fibre to act by softening stools. Also drinking enough quantities of water will help in clensing the entire system.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids

One of the oldest known natural cures for hemorrhois comes from the leaves and bark of the plant Hamamelis virginiana or witch hazel. Witch hazel has great astringent properties thus helping to decrease the bleeding caused by the hemorrhoids. It is also helpful in easing the pain, swelling and itching that is usually associated with hemorrhoids.

The herb is not to be consumed but can be used either as a compress or as a cream. Medical pads are available which can be used as a compress that is applied on the anal area. This will give great relief. Alternatively distilled liquid or witch hazel ointments can be used for topical application to the region which helps to immediately relieve the symptoms.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Hemorrhoids

Aloe vera is a miracle plant with many medicinal properties and is considered by many to be the best natural cure for mostly any aliment including hemorrhoids. Simply applying aloe vera gel to the affected area is enough to relive of the discomfort and itching. Another method is by using frozen aloe vera strips. Take a leaf of aloe vera plant and remove the thorns.

Cut these leaves into thin strips and keep it in a clean sanitized container and then freeze them. Take a frozen strip of the aloe vera leaf and apply this on the hemorrhoid. This method will instantly provide relief from the itching, burning and pain caused by the hemorrhoid. If the swelling is not major this strip can be inserted into the anus and left for some time.

Flavonoids And Berries

Flavonoids And Berries For Hemorrhoids

Flavonoids are abundantly found in natural foods like berries, Citrus fruits and onions. In fact the darker and sweeter the berries the more flavonoids it contains. These flavonoids help in reducing the inflammation and strengthening the walls of the blood vessels. Flavonoids even reduce the pain, itching and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids and prevent the recurrence.

Berries also help prevent constipation as they are a very good source of fibre hence including three fourths cup of your favourite berries like blueberries, strawberries, gooseberry, blackberries etc as a part of your daily fruit and vegetable consumption will aid the treatment of hemorrhoids and maintain good health.

5 Natural Cures For Hemorrhoids

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