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How To Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

[toc]HemorrhoidsThe excruciating pain followed by occasional bleeding from the inflamed blood vessels lining the inner rectum and anal region can be intolerable at times seriously affecting the normalcy of your life. These are the symptoms of hemorrhoids, a common disorder arising due to malfunctioning of the digestive system. Prolonged constipation, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, irregular bowel movement and obesity are the prime causative factors. Hemorrhoid is also very common during pregnancy, but subsides after the term is over.

Occasional pain and bleeding during defecation is not a matter of concern but when it becomes a regular event, it needs to be addressed seriously. Negligence often worsens the situation. The situation can be so scary that the sufferer dreads of defecation. People suffering from constipation have to exert excessive pressure while defecating, which strains the blood vessels lining the rectal canal and anus. The result is pain and inflammation. Frequent friction of the hardened stools with the inflamed blood vessels causes bleeding, which can be internal or external.

Ways To Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

In the initial stage, hemorrhoids should be treated with natural cures before opting for any medications. Natural cures for hemorrhoids not only provide you the desired relief, but put you on the track of maintaining a healthy lifestyle forever.

Get More Fiber In Your Diet

Fruits And VegetablesInclude more fiber in your diet through fresh leafy green vegetables and fruits. These are high in fiber and other nutrients which increase the bulk of the stool. These food items help in water retention in the stool preventing it from hardening. As a result, you experience painless defecation thereby gradually reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Drink Enough Water

Drink Enough WaterConsuming insufficient water is one of the prime causes of forming hard stool, which ultimately leads to hemorrhoids. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water to facilitate proper digestive function. Water cleanses the intestinal walls and increases the bulk of stool enabling painless defecation.

Reduce The Intake Of Fats And Oils

Too much intake of fatty foods aggravates the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Fatty food items like fries, sausage, beef, fried chicken and lamb meat contain high amounts of saturated fats that cause hardening of stools. As a result, you exert more pressure during defecation hurting the rectal blood vessels. Even healthy fats should be consumed in moderation.

Quit Drinking

Quit DrinkingProlonged alcoholism causes dehydration giving rise to constipation and painful defecation. Even occasional drinking can cause hemorrhoids to those having a past history of this ailment. Food that accompanies with drinks adds woes to the existing painful situation. It is better to quit drinking forever.

Exercise To Reduce Your Weight

ExerciseObesity has a close relation with hemorrhoids. Excessive body weight exerts more pressure on the pelvic area and prevents the normal circulatory function of our body. This adversely affects the digestive function as well. The anal and rectal veins of obese and overweight people tend to get inflamed quite easily, and while exerting mild pressure during defecation can give rise to hemorrhoids. Exercise regularly for normal functioning of your circulatory and digestive systems. Even regular walking will check your body weight easing out the problems of hemorrhoids.

Practice Regular Toilet Habits

This is perhaps the best way to cure hemorrhoids naturally. Skipping defecation or not answering to nature’s call is not at all a healthy practice. Visit the toilet daily at a specific time for defecation even if you do not feel the urge. This will develop an auto reflex enabling smooth bowel movement. Postponing the nature’s call means you are allowing the stool to get harder, which will eventually cause pain during defecation.

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