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8 Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks

Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks

[toc]Among the many fatal diseases and sudden ailments, one of the most prevalent ones that a lot of people suffer from is that of a heart attack. Though, it is not in every situation that an attack might lead to death but it definitely becomes a high risk to life. The severity of the heart attack actually decides what kind of situation the person in is.

It can range from mild to major heart attacks and proves to be highly complicated as an illness. There can be a lot of reasons associated with the problem among which obesity and high blood pressure are some of the common ones. However, the good news is that heart attacks can be kept at bay.

To ensure that you or your closed ones do not ever need to face something as serious and deadly as heart attacks, there are many well researched and essential tips that you can adhere to. These will make it quite possible that you prevent the crisis completely. The rest will depend on how regularly you follow the below mentioned ideas and preventive measures for the same:

8 Effective Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks

Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking

One of the major bad habits that make a person highly prone to heart attack is that of smoking. Quit smoking if you want the right direction to prevention of the problem.

It might be a little difficult at the start but then gradually it can be completely avoided. Herein, passive smoking can also affect the heart, so make sure you stay away from smoke as much as possible.

Keep A Regular Exercise Routine

Regular Exercise For Heart Attacks

A very effective measure that is not only known to prevent heart attacks but also a lot of other health ailments is regular exercising routine. This keeps the body fit and active and also enhances the performance and functioning. Lifting weight helps in making the muscles of the heart healthier as well as stronger.

About 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises should be done 3 times in a week to get visible outcomes. A workout session of 30 minutes five days a week can also be considered in this regard. Exercise can also be in the form of brisk walking, golf and even tennis. Adhere to any sport activity that you are interested in.

Take Sound Sleep Each Day

Sound Sleep For Heart Attacks

To prevent heart attacks as well as heart diseases of all kinds, sleep plays an integral part. The hectic routine and the stressful lives makes it all the more significant to take proper rest and sleep.

At least 8 hours of sound sleep is recommended in this scenario. However, you need to balance the act and ensure that you do not over sleep each day. This can have negative impacts on the heart as well. Along with this, maintain the regimen of sleeping time and that of getting up in the morning.

Keep The Cholesterol Low

Keep The Cholesterol Low For Heart Attacks

High cholesterol is one of the major causes that lead to heart attacks. This is considered for bad cholesterol found in many of the food items. Low density lipoprotein as we know it is really bad for the heart that enters the vessels and attach them while resulting in a blockage.

A healthy diet with loads of fruits and vegetables and whole grains is advisable for those who want to control their cholesterol levels. Apart from these, fatty, fried and sugary foods should be completely avoided if you want to follow this method effectively to get perfect results.

Balance The Blood Pressure Levels

Balance The Blood Pressure Levels

Hypertension causes a lot of pressure on the heart. It is one of the reasons why people nowadays experience so much of heart attacks. The increasing stress on the daily lives and the everyday pressures is leading to high blood pressure problems in 7 out of 10 people.

Herein, you will be shocked to know that half of the heart attack patients are because of high level blood pressure. To ensure prevention of heart attacks, you therefore need to work on balancing the blood pressure levels by maintaining an appropriate diet as well as avoiding things that cause blood pressure to rise.

Stay Away From Tension

Yoga For Heart Attacks

Tension, stress and worries leave a lot of pressure on the heart. However, it is practically not possible to get rid of stress. In case you want effective tip here, the best comes in the form of stress management. Adhere to activities that help in lowering the stress even if it is for a while.

Yoga, meditation and deep breathing techniques are some of the ways in which you can relax and feel better. This will help you a long way in maintaining psychological equilibrium. Along with this, you can always indulge yourself in recreational activities to ensure that you stay stress free.

Get Regular Check Ups

Get Regular Check Ups For Heart Attacks

Regular check ups and scanning of the heart is one of the important things that can help you keep the attacks at bay. For much detail about which tests will prove to be perfect for getting the condition of the heart, you can always consult your doctor. Make sure you get it done every 6 months to 1 year to ensure that the heart is working properly and there is no blockage whatsoever.

Heart-Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals For Heart Attacks

Your meals should be highly nutritious and free from all kinds of junk and fried foods. Forget those French fries, burgers, pastries and fatty foods and adhere to fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean meat and more. Fish should be consumed at least twice in a week to achieve your aim. Salmon provides the body with omega 3 fatty acids that helps in keeping the heart healthy and well functioned.

Legumes should also be included in the diet in the form of beans and lentils that provide good levels of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Nuts can also be a part of the list that provides antioxidants and vitamin E along with omega fatty acids and fiber. Processed foods should be avoided in this regard that will only harm the heart to an extent that you will be highly prone to an attack.