Bad Breath

5 Yoga Exercises To Fight Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing and horrible. There are numerous reasons due to which your breath smells bad. From various diseases to stomach issues, any of these can become the result of bad breath. The conditions like dehydration, lack of nutrients and fluids in the body, constipation, digestion issues, and consumption of junk food can affect your breath and make it smelly. The yoga poses can significantly change the bad breath and make you feel fresh with your normal breath back. Also constant habits like smoking, alcohol can to make your breath bad and smelly.

Here Are Some Cool Yoga Poses Which Would Get You Rid Of The Bad Breathe Soon

1. Kapal bhati (breathing workout)

Kapal bhati is one of the amazing poses which can make your breath fresh and awesome what can be more amazing than the breathing poses which can refine your breath and can get you rid of the bad breath. Go for this pose and you would get quick results. Sit straight with your legs folded. Now breathe in some air. While you breathe out, let your stomach get stretched in. Follow this pattern and breathe in and out for 10-20 times.

2. Hissing Breath

This is an amazing breathing technique which can make your bad breath stay away. This cool yoga pose for improving breathing and to fight bad breath would surely get you awesome results. Open your mouth wide and press you tongue in the opposite direction of your teeth. Now close your mouth and breathe in. fill much breath and release. Repeat this pose for 10-15 times everyday to fight bad breath.

3. Lion Pose

For performing this pose, get on your knees and sit straight. Make your hands rest on your thighs and hold your face downwards. Keep your mouth open wide and your tongue stretched outside. Breathe while performing this poses and repeats for 15-20 times. This pose would apply stress on your face muscles an make your bad breath fight away!

4. Cooling Breath

If you want a high impact workout or yoga pose which can get your breath fresh and cool immediately, this is the pose which you must consider. Practicing this pose daily would make your breath clean and refreshed. If you are casually suffering from bad breath and feel quite embarrassing, this is the yoga pose which can get you relief. Get into the sitting position and stretch out the tongue fro your mouth preparing an o shape of your lips. Now breathe in and out from your nostrils and repeat for 10-15 times. This would heal your nostrils, trachea and lungs issues along with bad breath!

5. Yoga Mudra

The yoga mudra is the pose which can get you amazing results. If you have a bad breath, you can try this super cool yoga pose to fight it quickly and get awesome breath soon. Yoga mudra comprises of pranayama and breathing poses which can get you fresh and cool breath in few times. If you are suffering from bad breath and need to refreshed you’re breathing in a natural way, this is the yoga pose which you can try, get your hips folded and rest on this. Bend your head downwards and let it touch the ground. Breathe in and out while performing this pose. Also stretch your hands backward while performing this yoga pose!

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