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Top 5 Natural Cures For Bad Breath

[toc]Bad breath is a very common problem that may occur in any age group. The reasons for the occurrence are generally due to the presence and growth of bacteria in the mouth. Accumulation of plaque in teeth and tongue may also be one of the reasons for the occurrence of bad breath.

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Though the presence of some essential bacteria is good for digesting food, when it becomes excess, then the problem of bad breath may arise. Also, some problem in the stomach may also be one of the causes for bad breath, which has to be given proper care in the initial stage itself.

Natural Cures For Bad Breath

Regular Brushing And Flossing

If you want to stay away from bad breath, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to brush regularly, at least twice in a day. This will help in the removal of bacteria from mouth, and hence the bad odor too. It is extremely important to brush in the night before retiring to bed, as that is time of bacteria multiplication. Proper flossing and usage of tongue cleaner will help in removing the plaques in teeth and tongue.


Proper Dietary Practices

Intake of certain foods like onion, garlic, coffee and other practices like smoking and consumption of alcohol, is also found to cause bad breath. So, taking proper care of your dietary intake will also help you from bad breath. Even if you happen to consume any of this, it is always better to rinse your mouth immediately after eating it.

avoid smoking


Keeping your mouth shut for a longer time will also pave way for bacteria pile up. You can drink water at regular intervals to avoid it. Water is found to wash away all kind of bacteria from the mouth, and protect from bad breath. Drinking juice with content of citric acid is also found to be a better way of treating bad breath.

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Spices generally have good odor, and cloves especially are found to be best in treating all kind of oral problems. You can chew a few cloves daily and attain fresh breath. Apart from this, you can also add fennel seeds to the drinking water and consume it regularly, to retain the freshness. You can chew cloves immediately after a meal, which will not only help you in getting fresh breath, but will also enhance digestion.


Betel Leaves

Betel leaves have very good properties, that helps in refreshing your mouth and helps you out from bad breath. You can chew one betel leaf everyday in the morning and have fresh breath for the entire day. Apart from chewing, you can also make juice out of these leaves and use it as a mouth wash. You can also add a pinch of salt to this juice, which helps in fighting against bacteria. The problem of bad breath can stress you out at times, and lose your confidence entirely. But, now you can overcome it with some natural cures, without getting the help of any chemical compounds.

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