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9 Home Remedies For Bad Breath

[toc]Bad breath is also known as halitosis and though it is nothing serious, it is surely a menace when you socialize or about to kiss the girl or guy of your dreams. According to ancient traditions, the Greek would use natural remedies to combat this problem, which can be caused due to poor diet, unhygienic habits and a lot of other factors too. It may be gum disease or even something as simple as eating food that is odorous.

9 Remedies For Bad Breath

These home remedies are effective in combating the problem of bad in the long run. These solutions may take a bit longer to implement but they wipe out the root cause of bad breath. Here are some of them

9 Home Remedies For Bad Breath


This fruit is rich in vitamin C and helps to fight off germs that cause bad breath. The only thing you have to do is munch on a bunch full of strawberries after a meal. Not only is it a yummy dessert, it is also a sensible way to fight off those calories.The juice of the fruit forms a layer over the teeth and the tongue, which helps to keep away yellow teeth and also keeps bad breath at bay with its slight acidic taste.


Tea Tree Oil

No you do not have to drink the oil of the tea tree plant, but this oil is still a feasible disinfectant and can be used in the form of a toothpaste or can be added to your favorite toothpaste. You can also make a gargle out of it.Take some tea tree oil and add a drop to your regular toothpaste and brush. You can also add it to your favorite mouthwash or even make one at home by mixing a few drops of this oil with some lemon juice. Use as a mouthwash but don’t rinse immediately.

tea tree oil


The leaves of the sage comprise of various kinds of essential oils that fight bacteria, which leads to bad breath. You can chew on the leaves of this herb gradually and let it seep through the mouth.Another way to have them is simply chop it and boil it. Let the mixture cool down and then strain and drink. To this sage solution, you can also add calendula, cloves and other similar leaves that help to fight bad breath or have sage on its own too.



Apple Cider Vinegar

Anything with acidic properties is a good way to fight bad breath and apple cider vinegar does just that. Simply add a spoon of the vinegar to the water and drink it before having a meal.Vinegar aids in digestion and also helps to keep away bad breath. The same solution can be consumed post meal or you can even use it as a rinse.

apple cider

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Lemon Or Lime

Rinse of lemon or lime has been used for centuries to keep odor away, for both the mouth and the body. Again, this fruit has a very high acidic content that does not allow the bacteria to grow in the mouth, tongue or even the gums. Take a spoon of the juice and add it to your water and drink it post and prior to the meal.Another trick is to suck on the peel of the lime, though bitter it is an instant remedy for bad breath. Post extracting the juices of the lime, you can add some salt to the peel and rub that on the teeth to avoid yellowness and also keep away bad breath.



Indians swear by eating fennel seeds post every meal because of the lovely flavor it has. The fennel is used in everyday cooking too. You can take the dried green fennel seeds and chew on it whenever you feel that bad breath is taking the lead. Another idea is to add some sugar candy to the fennel too and chew it together to get a sweet taste, while keeping bad breath away.You can make a mixture of fennel seeds with some peppermint, sugar candy, cardamom and other aromatic spices and blend them together. Have a bit post meals to control bad breath.


Parsley And Celery

Green plants and leaves have chlorophyll, which actually puts a stop to bad breath. You can take either both of these leaves or even and then let it dip apple cider vinegar for a it. Then take them out and chew it directly. If you do not like the taste of the direct leaves, then you can also make a juice of the same and have it.Coriander can also be used in this reference since it has the same properties. The juices here flush out toxins from the intestine, which is crucial in keep bad breath, since this passage connects to the mouth.



Green Tea

Another easy remedy to keep bad breath away is green tea. This natural ingredient contains of poly-phenols, which is a compound found in green tea. It is also available in black tea, but you should remember that no milk should be added when using this tea for bad breath solutions.The tea can be made by simple brewing and you can add some lime to it if you want. Keep sipping through out the day. You can also use it as a mouthwash by adding some peppermint leaves to the same. Another trick here is to add some dried alfalfa to the tea and boil it. Then strain and keep drinking for keeping the intestine clean.

green tea


This is one of the most powerful antiseptic elements available in the house that really helps in controlling bad breath and nausea too. The clove can be taken as a whole and then chewed or sucked upon to get benefits.Another idea here is to boil them in a cup of water and then use it as a mouthwash or drink this water. About 2-3 cloves should do for a cup of water. Apart from this, clove oil can also be used in toothpastes and mouthwashes, to stay clear of bad breath.


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