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7 Most Significant Home Remedies For Muscular Cramps

Home Remedies For Muscular Cramps

[toc]Muscle cramp is the common occurrence within people and it can appear instantly, at any point of time while stretching an arm to a heighted place, lifting heavy objects or after heavy sports activity of running or jumping.

All activities that involve contraction of muscles have a probability of extending into a muscular cramp.Muscle cramps usually affect arms, legs and back leaving one breathless with shooting pain.

This can be the result of any injury or overuse of muscle, prolonged strain over muscles or even long durations of inactivity. Muscular cramps are more commonly seen in athletes, who perform extended hours of muscular activity or undergo heavy exercises on regular basis.

7 Effective Solutions For Muscular Cramps

Keep Yourself Fully Hydrated

Drink Water

Dehydration is known to be the common cause of muscular cramps as it leads to electrolyte imbalance in the body, contributing majorily to stomach cramps. Muscle cells when hydrated tend to get irritated the least and less probable of developing cramps. Hence, drinking adequate amounts of fluids on daily basis, and in-between exercising or vigorous sports activity aid in keeping muscle cramps away.

Moreover, drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water flushes away all the toxins from the body that may lead to muscular cramps as a consequence of toxemia. Gym trainers recommend drinking 16 to 20 ounces of fluid 45 minutes prior to exercising and drinking 2 to 4 ounces of water in every fifteen minutes, especially during hot weather. One should also include raw juicy fruits and vegetable salads in the diet. Those, who get cramps during exercising, should halt, rest and intake fluids to let it subside.

Top Herbal Remedies For Muscular Cramps
The Various Natural Cures For Muscular Cramps

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt For Muscular Cramps

Epsom salt has been known to relax muscles by reducing inflammation and hence, soaking the body in Epsom salts absorbs magnesium that relaxes the body and elevates the mood. Epsom salt is a naturally occurring magnesium sulfate mineral that is used in bath salts, gardening, farming to enrich the soil and aquarium to support fish survival. Epsom salt is also a form of laxative that is useful in relieving aching joints and muscles, treating eclampsia, fibromyalgia and preterm labor. Add one cup of Epsom salt in a tub of warm water and soak yourself for 30 minutes. After the bath, one is sure to feel rejuvenated and relieved from cramping pain.

Ice Pack Or Heating Pad

Ice Pack For Muscular Cramps

Rub an ice pack over the affected area for minimum of 10 minutes and alternate it with heating pad to relax the cramped muscles and improve circulation of blood to muscles. Additionally, hot shower or hot bag compress helps to relax the strained muscles. Allow hot water to flow more at cramped muscle region, while having the hot water bath.

Chamomile And Honey Tea

Chamomile And Honey Tea For Muscular Cramps

Consume chamomile tea for an effective cure to muscular cramps. Chamomile tea contains glycine amino acid that relaxes and soothes the muscles. Drinking five cups of chamomile tea every day for a continuous period of 2 weeks will provide complete relief from repeated muscle cramps troubles and prevent their re-occurrence. Honey is also beneficial for curing leg and foot cramps and can be consumed at night, before relaxation. Chamomile tea can also be prepared with honey to encompass the beneficial effects of both the ingredients simultaneously. Mixing one cup of chamomile tea in bath water brings greater relief from muscle cramps.

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet For Muscular Cramps

Muscle cramps are the result of lack of proper nutritional diet. Those experiencing muscle cramps are sure to lack important minerals, calcium, potassium and vitamins in their diet. These individuals need to include diet rich in calcium foods including skimmed milk and yogurt. Moreover, consume more of potatoes and bananas to incorporate adequate potassium levels in the body. In case, muscular cramp is associated with some disease, refer to doctor and nutritionist in deciding a diet plan. Potassium and calcium are the most essential nutrients that keep the muscles strong and prevent them from getting cramped.


Massaging For Muscular Cramps

Massage the painful area of cramps with arthcare oil to get an instant relief from pain. Arthcare penetrates the body instantly and comforts the muscles owing to its potent anti inflammatory role. For reducing severeness of cramps, massage gently in an even direction and with single strokes. Additionally, consume bathu (goosefoot or wild spinach) juice every morning on empty stomach, without using salt or sugar to improve leg cramps.

Ginger And Clove

Ginger And Clove For Muscular Cramps

Prepare paste of ginger and pepper solution and apply it over the muscular cramp area to generate relief from cramping pain. Clove also offers remedial solution against muscle cramps. Take a handful of cloves and grind them. Then mix it with 1 to 2 teaspoons of olive, coconut or sesame oil and put the poultice over the area having muscular cramps.

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