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5 Easy Natural Cures For Sweating

Natural Cures For Sweating

[toc]Sweating is a natural process which is instrumental in removing toxins from the body in the form of sweat and also helps in cooling the body. However many people are extremely bothered with it as they feel embarrassed with the foul smell and the stains on the apparel under the armpits. They attempt to cover it with perfumes and deodorants. Though excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a disorder, sweating in itself is not considered hygienic as the toxins in the sweat can be contagious and therefore have to be checked if not stopped completely.

Hot and humid weather causing the sweat is very normal but sweating due to hormonal defects, menopause, obesity, thyroid, have to be treated. It usually occurs on palms, forehead. Under armpits, in the groin area or even the back sweats. Measures need to be taken to control sweating and one should ideally resort to natural cures as they are devoid of side effects and are inexpensive as well. A few of natural cures to control sweating are discussed below.

Natural Cures For Sweating

Sandal Wood

Sandal Wood For Sweating

Sandal wood is a natural product that is known for its cooling properties and soothing fragrance and is a wonderful natural cure for treating sweat problems. The powder of this product is available in the market which can be used to form a paste of thin consistency with the help of water. This paste can be then applied to all the parts of the body especially the armpits and back and left to dry.

Thereafter one can bathe or wipe off the paste from the body to give the desired results. The fragrance stays on the body and keeps it cool as sandalwood controls the production of sebum that is the secretions responsible for sweating. One should however be careful of checking out the skin type and tone before using this product as it has the ability to completely dry the skin which could be detrimental for the skin as it can cause wrinkles.


Basil For Sweating

This is another herb which has multiple benefits and is a well known product for treating sweating problems. The juice of this plant is edible however to treat a skin problem it has to be applied in areas such as the palms, armpits, sole of the feet and all the other areas that are prone to sweat. One can always make a paste of basil leaves, add honey to it and apply it all over the body. This ensures control in the sweating and also moisturizes the skin such that the skin gets hydrated without getting oily.


Lemon Juice For Sweating

This refreshing natural product is one of the best remedies for treating foul smell arising from sweating. Not only this, it is antibacterial in nature and equally beneficial in killing the germs that are present in the sweat. One of the most effective ways to use it is to take a lemon and cut in two halves.

Directly apply this by rubbing it all over the body especially in those areas that are prone to sweat such as armpits, palms, sole of the foot, back, forehead and so on. Since lemon is acidic in nature it neutralizes the effect of the secretions produced by sweat glands and enables to keep the body dry. The juice of half a lemon can be added to a bucket full of water and bath should be taken with this water to control sweat and remove the odour.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Sweating

This natural plant is an excellent cure for treating the odour that accompanies sweat and also controls the quantity of sweat. Aloe Vera gel has to be extracted from its tube by slitting it, mix this gel with a few drops of rose water. Apply this combination on the body and leave tit to dry and then either wipe it off or wash it off with water. This procedure will not only provide cooling effect but will also get rid of infections and rashes that accompany the sweat. It is an effective remedy for controlling the sweat thus keeping the body cool and dry at all times.


Neem For Sweating

Neem is another cooling agent and is highly beneficial in treating all types of skin related problems. It is a wonderful remedy for curing sweating. The simplest way to use it would be by taking a bath with water that is prepared by boiling Neem leaves in water. Bathing with this preparation daily will take care of the sweating and keep the skin free of other ailments.

Another way of using Neem leaves is by taking dry turmeric and 15 leaves of Neem to prepare a paste. This can be applied to the whole body half an hour before taking the daily bath. Perfuming this ritual daily will ensure a shining skin without the sweat formation.

Easy Natural Cures For Sweating

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