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How To Treat Insomnia With Yoga

[toc]insomniaPerforming some gentle yoga before tucking into bed is beneficial for a ‘good night’ sleep with complete relaxation of mind and body. One will sleep soundly through the night and feel refreshed on waking up in the morning instead of feeling tired and worn out like experienced by many of us who do not have a sound sleep and complete rest at night due to insomnia (lack of sleep).

To gear up for the next day, the body must be fully relaxed and inner peace need to be rejuvenated from the complete day’s stress and chaos. This can be achieved easily with gentle yoga poses that unwinds the anxiety levels and help to ward off insomnia.

Useful Yoga Poses To Treat Insomnia

Short Meditation

MeditationGet seated in a cross legged position on the bed with back straight and upright. Close the eyes and rest hands over the folded knees. Perform simple breathing for a few minutes. This should not be intense or heavy breathing, but just allow the mind to relax with breathing for a short while. This aids in full relaxation of mind and the body.

Wide legged Forward Bend

Wide legged Forward BendThis wide legged forward bend is beneficial for getting into relaxation mode, calm down the brain and still all thoughts, combating insomnia. It stretches the spine and back leg to offer complete comfort from the daily stress. Stand with hands over the hips with feet four feet apart and toes slightly turned inwards. Place a small support like stack of books or a block on the floor in the front to position the head on it.

Breathe in, exhale and fold the upper body forward, placing hands at shoulder distance apart with fingers wide open. Lengthen the spine ahead, placing crown of the head over the block in a way that both head and neck are getting complete support. Draw the shoulders apart, hugging elbows in and close eyes while breathing slowly in and out through the nose. Hold it for 5 minutes and come out from the pose slowly and carefully. Those with high blood pressure or glaucoma should refrain from performing this pose and must stick to upright poses only.

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward BendSlowly extend the legs while sitting on the bed with knees slightly bent. Inhale while sitting tall and then exhale while trying to touch the feet with hands. Bend the knees as far as possible to keep the back flat.

This pose is very useful for stretching hamstring muscles and very effective at relieving insomnia and anxiety. Now round the back over the legs and remain folded forward for few seconds, feeling a stretch through the spine. The ultimate goal is to get relaxed and sleep soundly so do not perform it with high intensity.

Child Pose

Child PoseBalasana or child pose involves tucking the feet below the buttocks and then bending forward with hands stretched out either in front or resting slightly on either side. The child pose is very beneficial in overcoming fatigue and anxiety by stretching thighs, hips and ankles that promotes relaxation of muscles enhancing comfort sleep.

Corpse Pose

Lie down flat on the back over the bed and extend both arms and legs straight outwards. Then roll the ankles opening to the sides and palms facing up. Remain in this pose and rest for a while. Be free to drift off into the sleep and get over from insomnia blues.