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Top Home Remedies For Bleeding Piles

[toc]Bleeding PilesIt is a known fact that hemorrhoids or piles are basically veins that are swollen and these are covered with a mucus membrane. These piles can be either external or internal. But it has been seen that usually external piles are more prone to damage because of friction and rough handling. Other factors like twisting, external trauma, etc. too can lead to bleeding.

When bleeding occurs, it is vital to immediately opt for a sensible treatment. Though medications do work, natural and home remedies often provide better results. So in case you are suffering from a scratched or torn vein, here are some home remedies that you can try-

Home Remedies For Bleeding Piles


JambulThis fruit or berry is mostly available during the summer seasons in India and is one of the most effective treatments in healing bleeding piles. Though it cannot be applied on the pile, consuming the same with a bit of salt helps in healing the wound faster and also prevents further recurrence of piles.

Sitz Bath

The most effective natural remedy to treat hemorrhoids is warm sitz, which involves sitting in a tub filled with warm water for few minutes several times a day. This helps the prolapsed hemorrhoids to shrink and also soothes the swelled up veins thus reducing the pain and itching sensation.

Ice Pack

Ice PackIce is a quick fix for bleeding piles. All that you have to do here is take some ice in a cloth or even ice pack and apply it on the bleeding. Sit or apply pressure from the ice on the affected area for at least 10 minutes. Doing so will not only stop the bleeding of the piles, it will also reduce inflammation, which is a major cause of bleeding and makes the pile more prone to further damage.


It should be remembered that if you are suffering from piles, then you should avoid wearing rough clothes. Wear soft cotton garments and change them at least twice a day. Also, avoid strong washing powders, which can again cause the piles to burst or inflame further.


TurmericRaw or even dried turmeric is a great way to combat infection and stop bleeding instantly. Used for centuries in India for stopping bleeding from cuts and wounds, turmeric can be applied on the wound directly. Dried turmeric works better here because it is easier to apply. Simply take a spoonful of the same and apply on the area. Let it stay and do not wash. Remember that turmeric has antibacterial properties too. So you will be assured that the bleeding and infection too.

Toilet Paper

This is one of the suggested methods for applying gentle pressure on the area to stop the bleeding. A lot of people tend to use moist or wet paper, but using this method ensures that the region becomes dry. Also, toilet paper helps in preventing the bleeding from getting worse via gentle pressure and absorbs the blood too. Moist or wet wipes contain chemicals which can aggravate the infection and the piles too.

Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraPulp of aloe vera is one of the best treatments for bleeding piles. Aloe vera has many antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which prevents the bleeding pile from getting infection. The gel of the plant also helps in stopping the bleeding and reducing inflammation. Simply use fresh pulp here, if the same is not available then you can use a gel made from the plant too.


Grape seed contains anthocyanins and the proanthocyanis that prevents the swelling caused in the piles. Remember that it is this swelling, which leads to constant bleeding. Grape seed will prevent the bleeding and stop it from getting worse. It will ensure that you don’t suffer from swollen piles anymore.


NeemNeem is a great remedy for bleeding piles. Basically this antibacterial plant is rich in properties that prevent inflammation and curb scratching and irritation. Bleeding piles may be scratched, which can make the situation worse. Applying neem leaves or paste on the same not only stops the bleeding, it prevents further worsening of the condition.


Make sure that the wound is cleaned well using an over the counter cream or even water. Cleaning the infected area is vital to stop the bleeding from getting worse. Put gentle pressure on the same with a fresh and clean cloth. This will ensure that you don’t infect the area.

Apart from the above, you should also ensure eating a diet rich in fibrous and nutritious foods so that less pressure is applied on the area during bowel movements.