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7 Cooking And Eating Tips For Diabetic Individuals

Diabetic patients in comparison to any other normal person needs to examine their diet more cautiously. If he fails to maintain his diet strategy, it will have some serious consequences on his health which could have been avoided in the first place. As he is more exposed to death because of heart disease or a dangerous stroke. The health issues can also range from cardiovascular trouble to kidney disease. So, negligence in the diet plan should be feared.

And coming to how to plan it, the most common misconception among the diabetic patients is that they can no longer eat their cherished food. Well, it’s not the whole truth. You do have to make changes in the amount and frequency of ingredients used in preparing the food but you definitely don’t have to say them goodbye. After many considerations of how to focus on adding flavour without compromising on health.

Here Are The 7 Cooking And Eating Tips Best Suited For Diabetic Individuals

1. Replacing Salt With Freshly Squeezed Lemon

Apart from just cutting down on carbs and sugar, salt plays a major role in diabetes health too. No, you don’t have to eat a plain taste less or flavour less dish which doesn’t consist of salt. All you need to do is replacing it with lime which will help you in lowering your blood pressure which will in turn reduce your exposure to sudden stroke or a heart attack.

2. Including Non-Starchy Veggies In The Diet

In order to follow up the diet strictly. It is important that the diabetic person shouldn’t feel hungry that often. Now to achieve that, it is suggested to including non-starchy vegetables like radishes, cucumbers, green beans and green leaves in your meals and snacks. This will add nutrients to the dense food which will be very filling to the diabetic person. Thus, not making him frustrated over food.

3. Never Skip Your Meal

Your diet is planned according to your health and not according to your lifestyle. You should be mindful to make adjustments in your life in the interest of taking some time out for having your meal. By doing that, your blood levels are steady throughout the day giving you an extra amount of energy. It also helps you to recover more effectively in case you’re on a medication.

4. Re-Read The Added Preservatives Mentioned

Since we are limiting the usage of sugar. It is important that you know sugar can be called in various other forms like agave, maple syrup, sucrose, molasses, fructose corn syrup and many more. So, when you’re eating a canned food or any food for that matter which is not homemade. Make sure you avoid the dish which contains anything that is ending with “ose” or “syrup”. All of those will add the extra carbohydrates to your meals which isn’t a very good idea for a diabetic patient.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Always have water by your side. And drink it appropriately from time to time. This will keep the sugar level in your blood at normal. You can also consider adding a fruit flavoured detox to the water in case you’re bored of drinking the plain water.

6. Change The Technique Of Cooking

Adopt using of grills for roasting purposes. This will reduce the requirement of adding extra fat and also complement natural flavours in the food. By decreasing the fat content, you are lowering the chances of raise in cholesterol in your blood levels. Thereby cutting down the possibility of heart attack or a stroke which is most common in diabetic patient.

7. Completely Cut Off On Drinks Containing Soda

Though I’ve said that you don’t need to discard any food which is dear to you. Soda drink is the one thing that is necessary to be removed from the diet permanently. Because it disturbs the sugar level your body completely. Now that’s not what you want, is it? So, you need to be extra careful in choosing the drink. Avoid even the sweetened drinks like morning coffee, fruit juices and also sports drinks.

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