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How To Prevent Age Spots

Ways To Prevent Age Spots

[toc]Age spots are naturally occurring skin spots that appear on hyper pigmented areas of skin known as liver spots. The appearance of age spots is the sole result of melanin intensification of the skin, which probably results from over exposure of the sun rays, in majority of the cases. Occurrence of age spots does not affect the physical health in any manner and is not a health concern, but more of an unappealing age mark. 

Many excellent emulsions are there to diminish the age spots, but usually they put a hole in the pocket. No worries as there are natural ways to combat the same by effortlessly putting together the useful home remedies for age spots. Moreover, steer clear from using certain ingredients like toluene, hydroquinone, dioxane, triclosan and mineral oils as these can extensively harm the healthiness of skin and its appearance.

5 Solutions For Preventing Age Spots

Start Early

Avoid Exposure To Sun Rays For Age Spots

Lifetime exposure to harsh sun rays results in tanned skin that leads to age spots. Even young individuals are not immune from it. Therefore, take care while moving out in sun from an early age of 20s itself. Otherwise, excessive tanning make one looks like 30 or older even in 20s. Also, certain nail polishes use UV light to harden and may lead to freckling on the back portion of hands. One needs to put sunscreen before using such nail paints and before moving out in the sun.

Choose The Right Sunscreen

Right Sunscreen For Age Spots

While selecting sunscreen, opt for waterproof bands with sun protection factor (SPF) of minimum 15. Those, staying at tropical regions with high intensity sun rays, need to use SPF 50 or higher to protect both against UVB and UVA rays. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before moving out, to allow it to seep within the skin and reapply after every 2 hours, if one stays out long in the sun. Apply them more over the troubled areas that are more exposed to sunlight like face, back of hands and neck.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice Reduce Age Spots

Use lemon juice to regain the adequate synthesis of melanin in body. Lemon is rich in citric acid that makes the skin look bright, supple and pale skin for long periods of time. It is best to use it at night. Mix 2 big scoops of yogurt with juice of one lemon and apply it over the age spots. Leave it there through the night and sponge washes it in the morning. It is an effective home solution of getting rid and preventing future occurrence of age spots.


Avocado Reduce Age Spots

Avocado is loaded with linoleic acids and phytochemicals that are useful in decreasing the harmful effects of cumulative sun contact. Phytochemicals keep away the risk of UV rays pigmentation and linoleic acid bridges the harm to skin tissues by restoring its strength and firmness.

Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder Reduce Age Spots

Pearl powder helps to preserve the immaculate and pale skin texture. Moreover, it improves elastin and collagen rejuvenation within the skin. It is very commonly used by Chinese women as a health beverage. Add a soupcon of little pearl powder to the regular tea and avoid all injuries to skin from ultraviolet emissions.

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